Measure emissions, build reduction plans and get CSRD compliant

Coolset helps growing businesses manage risk and simplify reporting in one place.

Streamline data collection and get audit-ready with the leading sustainability platform for mid-market companies.

Integrated double materiality assessment
Source referenced ESRS topic disclosures
Scope 1-3 GHG assessments & reductions

The Coolset advantage

Establishing full data coverage. Eliminate data gaps and uncertainty in your sustainability reporting. Identify and improve on impactful activities, vendors and policies.
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A platform built for every stage. Whether you’re new to sustainability or an experienced manager, Coolset bridges the knowledge gaps for you and your team.
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Seamless data workflows. Streamline data collection and automate reporting. Instantly capture essential information and spend time where it matters most.
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“Quantifying sustainability is crucial for accurate reporting.  Using Coolset provides us with better insights and allow us to reduce our carbon emissions more effectively.”

Ineke Lip
CFO, Boom
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All your sustainability tools in one place

Measure your emissions. Measure Scope 1, 2 and 3 in line with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol methodology.
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Unlock powerful analytics. Identify your emissions hotspots, and track year on year progress consistently.
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Discover sustainable alternatives. Discover vetted carbon neutral vendors and reduction tools in the Coolset marketplace.
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Build a carbon reduction plan. Work towards net zero emissions. Plan scenarios and model reductions to achieve your goals.
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"The implementation process was smooth and fast. Within just a few weeks we gained valuable insights into our carbon footprint."

Eric van Keulen
Business Director-Partner, De Zwarte Hond
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Sustainability compliance,

Get audit-ready for CSRD compliance. Collaborate on data collection and streamline reporting in one place.
Discover compliance reporting
Streamline your double materiality assessment. Systematically qualify material topics. Automatically generate audit-trails and reporting-ready charts.
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Leverage workflow automation. Adopt validated, prebuilt reporting modules. Generate suggested answers and accelerate compliance reporting.
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Get ESRS audit-ready. Understand reporting requirements and prepare for compliance with always up to date regulatory frameworks. Benefit from our team of in-house researchers and efficiently report on 1300+ CSRD data points.
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“Looking at the future, we’ve set targets for 2025 and 2030. We’re looking forward to continue partnering with Coolset to achieve them.”

Isabelle de Wolf
VP Sustainability, Helloprint
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