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Delivering a solution is good - delivering a sustainable one is better. Manage, improve and compliantly report sustainability with Coolset for technology.

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For technology companies

Data warehousing, hardware and technology use all have their impact. Coolset helps you to uncover, act and improve.

Track complex supply chains. Analyse extensive, multi-layered supply chains. Quantify the emissions of your infrastructure and continuously reduce your impact.
Impression showcasing adding material inventory and calculating emissions
Identify emission hotspots. For digital businesses it is less obvious what their emission hotspots are. Identify and quantify hotspots in categories, business lines or locations.
Impression showcasing categories and most emitting subcategories
Communicate to clients, stakeholders and users. Meet the growing demand for transparency and share your impact, initiatives and results.
Impression showcasing tracking waste initiatives
Compliance. Report in line with the leading global ESG standards and regulations. CSRD, EU Taxonomy and more.
Impression showcasing ESG compliance reporting

‚ÄúLooking at the future, we‚Äôve set targets for 2025 and 2030. We‚Äôre looking forward to continue partnering with Coolset to achieve them.‚ÄĚ

Isabelle de Wolf
VP Sustainability, Helloprint
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Track complex, digital supply chains
Gain insights into your operations, suppliers and users to inform decisions that align with your environmental goals.
Make measurable improvements
Get actionable reduction insights across procurement and operations. Measure, track and report on progress.
Get compliant
Streamline compliance workfllows across your team, organization and geographies.

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Discover how technology companies like Polarsteps, HelloPrint and Lepaya use Coolset to navigate sustainability and compliance.

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