target setting and forecasting

Plan scenarios and model emission reductions to achieve your goals.

Emission targets

Set your emission reduction targets

Keep your team aligned. Project your desired reductions and derive the steps required to get there.


Explore recommendations

Dive into the Coolset reductions library and and start driving change from day one.


Discover sustainable alternatives

Identify and work with better suppliers. Discover vetted carbon neutral vendors and reduction tools in the Coolset marketplace.

Certified offsets

Remove emissions you can't reduce

Invest in a broad collection of 30+ certified climate projects from Verra, Gold Standard and, directly from Coolset.

Explore the sustainability toolset

Carry out the double materiality assessment, prepare your ESRS disclosures and get audit-ready.
Automate carbon footprint measurements, build reduction plans and reach your climate goals.

"We needed an intuitive platform to accurately measure our carbon footprint and work towards CSRD compliance. Coolset was exactly what we were looking for; the implementation was both fast and effortless, and the platform is exceptionally user-friendly."

Mayke Pashouwers
Finance director, Stage Entertainment
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Meet the platform

Start any of the self-guided tours and see Coolset in action.
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The sustainability management platform for mid-market companies