The platform to measure, improve and report on sustainability

Discover how Coolset works.

Measure your emissions

8x faster data collection, 60% more insights

Automate manual work. Unlock a new level of efficiency and a deeper understanding of your emissions profile.

Unlock powerful analytics

Move from spreadsheets to automated sustainability

Say goodbye to endless Excel work and inconsistent yearly outcomes. Embrace results you can rely on.

Get compliant

Full GHG Protocol and CSRD compliance

Automate reporting and streamline sustainability reviews on the leading sustainability compliance frameworks.

Report and communicate

Report and share in minutes

Share certifications externally or generate reports for internal communication, all from Coolset.

Build a carbon reduction plan

Plan your decarbonization journey

Work towards net zero emissions. Plan scenarios and model reductions to achieve your goals.

Discover sustainable alternatives

Discover sustainable supply chain vendors

Work with actionable reduction tools and vetted carbon neutral vendors to drive down Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.

The leading sustainability platform for mid-market companies

Streamline sustainability measurements, improvements and compliance in one place.