Scope 1, 2 & 3 measurements

8x faster data collection, 60% more emission insights

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GHG protocol compliant
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GHG protocol compliant
Emission analytics

Visualize your emission hotspots

Drill down into your emissions and identify top sources. Act on your insights and deliver reductions through action.

Carbon accounting

Bottom up emission tracking

Starting from the most granular financial data, Coolset helps you achieve full, transaction-level emissions coverage in days.

Emission enrichment

Enrich emissions to boost accuracy

Where transactions have an outsized impact on emissions, Coolset allows you to add additional, activity-based data where needed.


Streamlined data collection

Through built-in, no-code accounting integrations, data collection has now become easier than ever.

Emission intensity

Account for your company’s growth

Ensure you're on the right track by measuring beyond absolute emissions. Track your intensity per unit of revenue, or per employee.

Time comparison

Track year on year progress

Start comparing apples to apples. Benchmark your performance and work on measureable improvements.

Explore the sustainability toolset

Carry out the double materiality assessment, prepare your ESRS disclosures and get audit-ready.
Automate carbon footprint measurements, build reduction plans and reach your climate goals.

"We needed an intuitive platform to accurately measure our carbon footprint and work towards CSRD compliance. Coolset was exactly what we were looking for; the implementation was both fast and effortless, and the platform is exceptionally user-friendly."

Mayke Pashouwers
Finance director, Stage Entertainment
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