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Automate compliance and centralize measurements with the leading integrated sustainability platform. Coolset helps growing businesses manage risk and get audit-ready in weeks.

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What is the EU CSRD?

The EU CSRD is a newly adopted climate regulation that requires businesses to report sustainability-related information in financial reports. The regulation affects over 50,000 companies, both based in the EU and outside.

Companies with a net turnover exceeding €50 million, total assets of €25 million or more than 250 employees

Companies with a revenue of €150 million and a subsidiary company within the EU

All listed small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Companies already subject to NFRD

Don't fall behind

First reports are published in 2025. 
Prevent surprises when data becomes public.
Getting ahead means buying time to improve.

Bring risk visibility,
get audit ready

Gain a single view across the key ESG risk surfaces in your business: centralizing your emissions measurements, governance policies, and more. Use our pre-built reporting modules to make sure the picture is complete.

Measure your Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions

Cover ESG risks and opportunities in one place

Build improvement plans and generate audit-ready reports

Measure, report and improve sustainability

Companies that invest in climate reporting create significant competitive advantages.

Effortless CSRD compliance

From zero to audit-readiness in weeks: explore the Coolset advantage.

Without Coolset

Complex manual processes

Excel-based work

Limited emissions coverage

Manual reporting

Requires expert knowledge

Marking your own homework

With Coolset

Streamlined, audit ready reports

Digital, automated measurements

Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions insights

Automated report generation

Tools built for everyone

Independently verified

How our clients prepare

Discover how forward-thinking companies are preparing for CSRD compliance.

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