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Coolset and Dazzle announce partnership to increase access to sustainability expertise

Written by
Konstantinos Kouzelis
June 18, 2024
min read

Coolset, the sustainability management platform for mid-market companies, and Dazzle, a leading platform connecting organizations with top-tier sustainability freelancers, are excited to announce a new partnership that will provide businesses with greater access to the sustainability expertise they need to achieve their environmental goals.

As businesses face increasing pressure to meet environmental regulations and adopt sustainable practices, the need for accessible and affordable sustainability expertise has never been greater. Mid-market companies often struggle to find and afford the right sustainability professionals to guide their efforts. This partnership between Coolset and Dazzle addresses this challenge by offering a comprehensive solution that combines innovative software with expert knowledge.

Robert Smith, CEO of Dazzle, remarks, "When working with our clients who are ready to digitalize, we want to refer to the best sustainability software. This is where our new partner Coolset comes in. Perfectly in line with #SDG17 Partnership For The Goals. This partnership makes it easy for both Dazzle- and Coolset clients to work with the best sustainability freelancers and professionalize with user-friendly sustainability software."

Dazzle's mission is to make sustainability expertise more financially accessible by matching the best sustainability freelancers to the organizations that need their support. This mission aligns perfectly with Coolset’s objective of supporting companies in their sustainability transformation through data-driven software solutions.

Konstantinos, Coolset CEO, comments, "By integrating Dazzle's network of skilled consultants and freelancers with our software, we ensure that our clients can get the support they need to implement and enhance their sustainability strategies effectively."

The partnership with Dazzle complements Coolset's offerings by providing businesses with a network of consultants and freelancers who are not only sustainability experts but are also familiar with Coolset's software solutions. This unique combination of technology and expertise enables companies to make more informed decisions and drive meaningful progress toward their sustainability targets.

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