Reporting and communication

Report and share sustainability insights in minutes

Auto-generated reports

Share insights with auto-generated reports

Directly to .pdf or word, Coolset helps you get started with automated sustainability reporting.

Open data exports

Your data, your rules

Export your data from everywhere, anytime. We're here to help you work better.

Public pages and certification

Showcase your commitment

By joining the Coolset network, our partners receive a customized company page and certified badges to validate their commitment.

Explore the sustainability toolset

Carry out the double materiality assessment, prepare your ESRS disclosures and get audit-ready.
Automate carbon footprint measurements, build reduction plans and reach your climate goals.

"We needed an intuitive platform to accurately measure our carbon footprint and work towards CSRD compliance. Coolset was exactly what we were looking for; the implementation was both fast and effortless, and the platform is exceptionally user-friendly."

Mayke Pashouwers
Finance director, Stage Entertainment

The sustainability management platform for mid-market companies